Archive: 4 March 2013

CFPB Provides Guidance on Mortgage Servicing Transfers

CFPB Provides Guidance on Mortgage Servicing Transfers

By: Jonathan D. Jaffe , Amanda D. Gossai

The CFPB recently released a Bulletin directed to residential mortgage servicers and subservicers (servicers). The purpose of the Bulletin is to put servicers on notice that the CFPB intends to focus its supervisory process on mortgage loan servicing transfers. If the CFPB determines that a transferor or transferee servicer has engaged in any acts or practices that are unfair, deceptive, or abusive, or that otherwise violate federal consumer financial laws and regulations (including RESPA, FCRA, and FDCPA), the CFPB indicated its intent to take appropriate supervisory and enforcement actions and seek all appropriate corrective measures, including remediation of harm to consumers. Read More

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