Global Government Solutions® 2014 Annual Outlook

K&L Gates is pleased to announce the publication of its Global Government Solutions® 2014 Annual Outlook.

Our seventh edition of the Global Government Solutions® series highlights increased government involvement in global commerce and provides the latest regulatory information corporate leaders need to navigate the intersection of business and government. The K&L Gates Global Government Solutions® 2014 Annual Outlook is a collection of 50 insightful articles to help you do just that, including:

  • Former U.S. Congressmen Bart Gordon and James T. Walsh on congressional deadlock
  • The European Union as a business partner
  • A more aggressive Securities and Exchange Commission
  • New hedge fund regulations
  • International trade negotiations
  • Resources nationalism in emerging nations
  • Tax reform
  • Competition and compliance risks for government contractors

To view the report, click here. For more information on our Global Government Solutions® practice, please visit our website.



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