NMLS Advance Notice Release

By: Stacey L. Riggin
Ms. Riggin is not admitted to the practice of law.

On May 8, 2013, the Conference of State Bank Supervisors published release notes for a June 24, 2013 Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (“NMLS” or the “System”) upgrade which includes, among other changes, an advance filing feature that will permit state licensees to file advance notice of certain business changes electronically through the NMLS. Presently, state licensees must submit advance notices in hard copy paper format outside the System. This upgrade should ease the burden on state licensed entities to provide advance notice and, where applicable, secure prior approval of, changes in officers, directors and direct or indirect shareholders. The advance notice filing feature also may be used in connection with a legal name change, office relocation and organizational changes. Not only will this help to facilitate the notification process, but the advance filing feature should significantly enhance the method by which state regulatory agencies can process and approve these changes. This is welcome news to the industry after the release of the upgrade was postponed earlier this year.

Although this change will allow for filings regarding transactions that have a future effective date to be made and processed through the NMLS, the new process will add a layer of complexity to certain transactions where state law only requires that notice be submitted, as the System will require that state regulators check-off a box to approve or accept the change. Administrators of the NMLS have indicated that they are willing to consider a change in the System to distinguish filings requiring approval from those that require mere notice, but those changes cannot be implemented before the “roll-out” of this new feature.


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