And the Plot Thickens: the CFPB Issues a Quartet of Interim Final Rules Laying Out Its Investigatory and Enforcement Procedures

By: Melanie Hibbs Brody, Paul F. Hancock, David G. McDonough, Jr., Stephanie C. Robinson

The powerful new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (the “Bureau” or “CFPB”) is up and running, and is expected to soon begin investigating and prosecuting claims against covered persons under the Consumer Financial Protection Act (the “CFPA” or “Act”).

To this end, on July 28, 2011, the Bureau issued four interim final rules setting out procedures governing: (i) Bureau investigations of possible violations of federal consumer financial law; (ii) the Bureau’s use of administrative adjudications to enforce compliance with the Act, rules issued under the Act, and any other federal law or regulation the Bureau is authorized to enforce; (iii) how the Bureau will handle confidential information obtained from persons over which it exercises its authority; and (iv) the process by which state officials must notify the CFPB of actions or proceedings they take under the Act.

To read the complete alert online, click here.


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